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International driving permit

Before getting behind the wheel in a foreign country, it is essential to get an international driving permit, usually known as an international driver’s licence.

In other words, let’s define an international driver’s licence, shall we?

You should get an international driver’s licence if you want to drive while visiting a foreign country (IDP). An international driver’s licence is another name for this certificate. For those who want a quick summary, an IDP allows you to drive in over 140 countries, such as the United States.

This is a worldwide passport replacement for your UK driver’s licence.


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International Driving License (Printed)

The UK driving licence is still valid while you use the IDP, however, it is used in addition to the UK licence. Therefore, bring both with you whenever you drive to a foreign country. There are three distinct licences, each of which is required in a separate nation. You may require more than one International Driving Permit (IDP) if you want to drive in far more than one country. A fresh application must be submitted whenever the IDP has expired. IDPs are not the same as green cards, which may be used to verify insurance coverage while driving overseas.

Why do I require a foreign driver’s licence?

Carrying an international driver’s licence or international permit is obligatory in several countries. In certain countries, it is required, although automobile rental agencies may refuse service if you do not have one. Getting an IDP just in case can make life simpler for everyone involved. Additionally, there are several nations that still impose driving limitations, even for those possessing an IDP. You may postpone the beginning of your IDP by up to 3 months if you choose to plan ahead.

Scroll down to view a complete list of countries requiring an IDP, along with the specific kind of permission required for each country.

Your International Driving Permit Include :

✅ Legitimacy period
✅ Rundown of nations where 1949 IDP was customarily acknowledged (1949 IDP is since acknowledged in additional nations not recorded in the rundown)
✅ Vehicles you can drive with IDP (in 12 dialects)
✅ Your image
✅ Your mark
✅ Your First and Last names
✅ Your nation of birth
✅ Your date of birth
✅ Your nation of home

International Driving License (Digital)

Scroll down to view a complete list of countries requiring an IDP, along with the specific kind of permission required for each country.

EU member states:

In most cases, a valid UK photocard driver’s license is sufficient for driving within the European Union, eliminating the requirement for an International Driving Permit (IDP). While there may be minor distinctions from one nation to another. If you plan on staying in Cyprus for more than 30 days, for instance, you will require a proper visa. Those planning to stay in Estonia for even more than ninety days during a 180-day period are required to get one.


There is no need for a visa in Luxembourg unless your stay will exceed six months. Similarly, depending on the nation you’re traveling to, you may require an IDP if you hold a paper licence. You might need a permit if your driver’s licence was authorized in Gibraltar, Guernsey,  Jersey, or the Isle of Man. Remember, however, that this varies from nation to nation, so be sure to double-check before booking your trip.


If your stay will be less than ninety days, you won’t require an IDP. A permit may be necessary if you just have a paper driver’s licence.


Driving in Switzerland is completely license-free.


In order to operate a motor vehicle on American soil, you will need to get an IDP. It’s also possible that if you get into an accident, your insurance company will need you to provide it. You must carry a second form of photographic identification with you at all times if you plan on driving with a paper licence, such as a passport. The Four Oceanic Nations of Australia, Canada, Japan, and New Zealand A valid IDP is necessary to get driving privileges in the country, as is the case in the majority of non-EU nations.

If I don’t have an international driver’s licence, what are the consequences?

Obviously, this differs from nation to country. However, if you cannot provide a valid IDP together with your driver’s licence, you may be subject to a fine or even have your vehicle seized. If this occurs to you while driving a rental automobile, the firm may charge you a fee to have the police release the vehicle.

How do I go about getting a foreign driver’s licence?

An international driver’s licence cannot be requested electronically. An international driver’s licence must be applied for in person at a Post Office. You need to meet the following requirements to get an international driver’s licence:

  • Attain the legal age (18)

  • Live in the United Kingdom

  • Have a complete, valid driver’s licence from the UK

  • Some nations require drivers to be at least 21 years old even if the minimum age for an IDP is 18.

  • Bring the following items with you to the Post Office:

  • A copy of your complete legal driver’s licence

  • A signed, passport-size picture

  • If you still use a paper driver’s licence but don’t want to give up your passport as proof of identity.

Approximately how long does it take to get an out-of-country driver’s licence?

The procedure of applying for and receiving an IDP is simple, and you may be able to do it on the same day.

When traveling abroad, how long does my driver’s licence need to be valid?

The duration of your foreign driver’s licence might range from one to three years. The validity periods for licences issued in 1926 and 1949 are each one year, while the 1968 permit is three years (unless your UK driving licence runs out before then). Where can I apply for a foreign driver’s licence through the Internet? Getting an International Driving Permit is a straightforward process. The following is all that is required:

  • A photo of your valid national driving permit;

  • Relevant driver information;

  • A recent passport-size photograph;

  • Your signature (scanned copy or a photograph);

  • Payment for your International Driver’s License application.


Knowing the local driving regulations is essential if you wish to hire a vehicle while abroad. In several international locations, a valid driver’s licence from the United States is sufficient to get access to the roads. On the other hand, in order to legally operate a motor vehicle in countries like Japan, you will also be required to obtain an International Driving Permit. Permits may only be issued by one of two entities. Any other website offering IDPs for exorbitant costs is, at best, a useless intermediary. Those in need of an IDP should get one before leaving the country. No online applications will be accepted; paper or in-person submissions are required instead.

I wish you the best of luck on your journey!